MGA - PS: Whole Genome Sequencing applications

Tracking individual microbial species in a production operation has many important applications to product quality, sanitation, process-control, and public health. NGS also enables use of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) or Targeted Genome Sequencing (TGS) as an analytical platform for source-tracking. In source-tracking applications, WGS or TGS data of individual isolates from various samples are used to measure their genetic relationships, allowing you to pinpoint source-sink relationships in plant operations. MetaGenome Analytics Population Structure (MGA-PS) applications overcome the computational burden associated with assemblyof WGS or TGS data and phylogenetic analysis by automating the entire course of data processing, analysis, and management. MGA-PS applications run on your in-house architecture and seamlessly move WGS or TGS data from NGS machines to our cloud-based pipelines that seamlessly process (mapping and/or contig assembly) and analyze (core content, alignment, distance measurement, and phylogeny) the data.From the cloud, MGA-PS then moves your fully analyzed data into databases that are customized to your architecture and needs. From these databases, you can further use meta-analyses to define trends in population structures, transmission patterns, or source-sink relationships. WGS or TGS-based tracking can be done with any organism, allowing you to use continuous monitoring of the population structure of marker species as sentinels to signify changes in the production environment ecosystem.

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