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Metagenomic analysis provides detailed, quantitative measurements of the taxonomic (species content) and functional profiles (gene functions) of complex microbial communities that are found in food ingredients, products, and production environments. These communities are part of unique ecosystems shaped by factors such as nutrient availability, pH, and osmolarity, and extrinsic factors such as temperature and sanitizers. The complexity and dynamic properties of these communities can be measured by 16S ribosomal RNA-based or shotgun metagenome-based sequencing on NGS machines that can be done in-house or outsourced. MGA MetagenomeApplications (MGA-MA) overcome the computing barriers for NGS applications through seamless and secure automation of data processing, data analysis, and data management: the three major phases of data handling. MGA-MA moves raw data from NGS machines into MGA pipelines on the cloud where it is seamlessly and securely processed (e.g. converted to quantitative measurements of microbial species) and then analyzed (data science methods to findassociations between species and food product properties, etc.). MGA-MA automation includes download of the fully-processed and analyzed data directly into databases that are customized to your computing architecture and needs (data management). The securely stored data can be further used for meta-analyses for further discovery.

Combining these detailed measurements of community structure and dynamics with the powerfultools of data science allows you to discover relationships between specific organisms or groups of organisms and important characteristics of the product such as shelf life and organoleptic properties. Alternatively, community structures can be used as markers of sanitation, process-control, or public health risk.

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